Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Aaron Petz selected works!

To get us started introducing some of our artists here at Decked we asked the immensely talented New York designer and illustrator Aaron Petz to kick off with some of his works and a few words on how he created them...Avenged Sevenfold:
This silkscreen was designed for the Avenged Sevenfold All Excess DVD. The Silver is a reversal where you can see your reflection. I used halftones to make the stencil appear to be a real stencil. This DVD went gold. Warner Bros Records.

Boy Malitia:

This illustration was adapted from a National Geographic photograph of boy soliders in Africa. They are 7-18 yrs old in most cases and trained to kill. It was heartbeaking looking through all those images. You can see the expression of carelessness in the boys eyes. Private study.

Love Birds:
A Tribute to Roy Liechtenstein, Love Birds is a new adaptation of a piece of his work. The shirt was created using a direct to garment printing method and was created to look weathered and old. This is a tattoo inspired line with many call outs to classic American style tattoo art. Sweetest Vice Clothing.

Monique Baines:
Singer / Songwriter Monique Baines of of SRC Records debut album artwork called, "Listen". This image was conceptualized by hand, then roughly illustrated digitally for the perspective. Then we took a photo of the artist to plug her in to the composition. Album will be in stores soon.

Our Lady G:
This image was an original graffiti piece I did on the back of my house. From there I made a few sketches of it, scanned them in and the took a few photos and comped them all in using different stylized methods EX: line, halftones, blurs etc. What was left is now the trademark shirt of Fallen Angels.

This image of Dana was illustrated and placed esthetically around a flock of birds. Soulfly puts on a charity event each year for Dana and will continue to do so. My job every year it to make sure the art looks better and better. This admat was for the Phoenix Newtimes.

To check out more of Aaron's work, take a walk down

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Eco Skateboards!

Check this out! these is the story of the recycled boards provided for the Decked project by Faltown Skateboards and how they have been beautifully reshaped by Tristan Harris from Alternature, saving nearly four tonnes of maple wood and creating some really unique longboards and truly original canvases for our artists to get their teeth into!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Falmouth Lomography!

The Decked crew took a road trip down to beautiful Falmouth in Cornwall to collect the eco skateboards by Cornish skateboard company Faltown Skateboards; -the awesome fellows providing the 'canvas' for the exhibition. Life is always better when sliced into four and shot Lomo style, and what better way to check out the landscape that inspired the world's first slide deck!