Saturday, 25 July 2009

Owen Gildersleeve Collaborates with Thomas Forsyth

(second photo taken by Jonathan Green)
Graphic designer and illustrator Owen Gildersleeve is now joining forces with friend and product designer Thomas Forsyth for 'Decked'. The two have decided to collaborate after discussing developments for the project in Berlin, Germany.

Thomas Forsyth is passionate about designing and making. "I need to use my hands to think - it is when I start letting my hands work freely that I can realise ideas".

Whether working on product, one-off pieces, curation, building, or drawings, Thomas believes in "being creative with what you have, and resourceful with what you don't". This exploration of materials and their properties makes him feel most alive.

There is a playful, fantastical theme that runs through his work, and objects are often subject to emergent properties such as secret compartments. Thomas is internationally acclaimed for his Drawing Tops (spinning tops which use a pencil for the spindle), which have attracted attention ranging from Designboom to MUDAM (Museum of Modern Art, Luxembourg). These simple objects can be used to make beautiful and intricate marks, putting children and adults on an even playing field when it comes to creating artwork.

Thomas's success in 2009 has included 'People's Choice Award' at Bristol Design Festival and showcasing his work at the Drawing Inspirations Award Ceremony, held at The British Museum.

More recently his work has been leading towards creating larger scale, functional social/community spaces, that encourage interaction and multi-purpose, interdisciplinary use.

You can find examples of Thomas's work on his website:

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