Friday, 14 August 2009

Biteproof Zine!

The5683 is the creator and publisher of a triannually released mag/zine called Biteproof with the second edition released in September!

"BITEPROOF is an independent publication of visual mastication for the mind and eye. The running theme for each issue is in the title. By setting its own brief, Biteproof will bring you unseen, new and exclusive work.

Contributors are chosen for their individual and unique style which sets benchmarks at all levels within their genre.

Issue 1 of Biteproof titled "Skullduggery, Graverobbery, and a tasteles dash of Taxidermy"
with the upcoming Issue 2 titled "Cybernetics, Dianetics, and a Hypodermic of Mutant Genetics"

For more information check out the visually exciting

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